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Random ingredients.

I’ve had at least 50 ideas for posts the last few days, but every time when I’m not close to my pc. Or too busy to make notes. No fun.

This morning I was held hostage in traffic by some freakin’ idiot who insisted on driving 40 km/h on the N14 – in the right hand lane no less.

For cryin’ in a freakin’ bucket!

Just another thing that adds to my daily frustration.

How long before we’ll be able to teleport?

Beam me up, Scotty! Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes!!



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Friday song.

I just love The Highwaymen.

I don’t care if they’re old, hairy men. I love their voices, their companionship and most of all: theirs songs speak to me.


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We are young.

We seldom listen to the lyrics. A song catches on if it’s got a nice beat or a nice melody, the lyrics can be as crap as they want.

(Especially some rokkie-sokkie-bokkie-baby-chocolates-songs)

Last week, I’ve listened to the lyrics of the song “We are young” that’s currently being played to death on radio.

Give me a second

I need to get my story straight

My friends are in the bathroom

getting higher than the empire state

my lover she is waiting for me

just across the bar

My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses

asking ’bout a scar

and I know I gave it to you months ago

I know you’re trying to forget

but between the drinks and subtle things

the holes in my apologies

you know I’m trying hard to take it back

so if by the time the bar closes

and you feel like falling down

I’ll carry you home


She’s trying to forget, you’re trying to take it back. You offer to carry her home . . . after giving her the scar in the first place?

Abuse stays in the heart long after the physical wounds have healed.

“You” should not be allowed close to her. “You” are not worthy to be in her presence.

Enough bitchin’ for one day. Time to dismount.



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New EXPENSIVE cars should . . .

. . . wash themselves at least?

I mean, really? You buy a new car for >R280 000. It does not make toast or coffee. It does not drive itself.

In 1960, everyone who could try and think of the future as far as 2012, thought that by now the cars would have been able to fly.

I’ll wait for the flying cars a little longer, I think.

But at least they should have been averse to dirt by now. They should have been able to at least shrug the dirt off by reversing polarity and thus allowing the dirt to just fall to the ground the moment you switched it off?

Is that asking too much?



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Closed doors.

When you close a door in my face,

YOU will have to be the one to open it again.



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A second . . .

. . . is not a second anymore.

Who’s stealing time?

I’m sure that what we experienced as a second last year, is much shorter this year. And way shorter than a second 10 years ago and WAY shorter than a second 20 years ago.

If you never hear from me again, know that this conspiracy theory of mine was right and the aliens removed me from earth for stumbling onto their secret.



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If you wanna go, fucking go then. Don’t take others with you.

If your life is pitch black and all you can see is death, fine. If you don’t want help and you can’t see a way forward, fine. If you don’t see the light of the train or of the bank manager’s flashlight in the tunnel, fine. If you can’t face your troubles and want to make an end to it, fine.


Then do it. Get it over with.


If you take your children or your partner with you, I hope you burn in hell you’re a coward. FINE.



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