14 May

Since being on this Low GI eating plan (read lifestyle), we haven’t had pasta, rice, pap or potato mash in 9 weeks.

I find it very difficult to make stew without all the normal ingredients that we always add.

Stew without potato, pumpkin or sweet potatoes. Without cream or any thickener like packet soups or smash. Stew without basmati rice. Stew without mash.

Watery stew is not the same as a thick hearty broth that makes you lick out your plate and only then declaring that you’re done. A packet of soup like brown/white onion probably wold not have made the world’s difference on loosing weight, but it would have made a difference in taste and consistency.

But since we are on this mission to loose between 40 and 50 kg (each), we don’t want to do something that will stretch it out longer. We want to get this over and done with.

Near the end of all of this (loosing the weight and reaching our 40th birthdays) lies a big reward for us. Looking better, living healthier, going places.

Yeah baby!

We’ll rather stick to soups then. Which have been know to be both watery and stew-like, and still good. I should have just put the masher to the pot, it would have made a better soup.

Done stewing.


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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Cooking, Ramblings


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