Crying in the shower.

04 Jun

Do all women cry mostly in the shower?

I’ve had a real cartoon-cry in the shower recently: water spouting from the works, fists balled in front of face, mouth crying harder than eyes run. Bawling, sobbing, crying my eyes and heart out . . . not a pretty sight.

And I’ve had the idea: it’s easy to cry in the shower. It reduces the chance of anyone hearing you, you don’t have to scramble for tissues as the water washes away all the tears and snot and drool, and the water is soothing as it runs over you.

It feels as if someone is comforting you – whilst being alone . . . and bawling. Still not a pretty sight, though.

It was my first experience of crying in the shower, and although alarming that I broke down like that, all in all not a bad experience (I don’t like to cry).

I cried about everything, the good & the bad, the happy & the sad. After a while I had the feeling that I’m never gonna stop, even if I run out of hot water. But eventually, it did.

And I felt better.



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One response to “Crying in the shower.

  1. Son

    June 4, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    I went for a walk in the rain once, and I had a good cry then. It felt good and something heavy inside me lifted and blew away with the wind and the rain. Sometimes a good cry is the best therapy 🙂


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