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We are all human . . .

. . . at least, I hope so.

This is true.

Except when you rob, murder, rape, pillage, lie, etc.

Maybe they stole because they were hungry, maybe they killed in self defense?

But there is NO excuse ever for rape.

Actually, it’s best to keep your mouth shut and your eyes on your own goals.


PS: Don’t worry if this post does not make sense, it does not to me either.


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Is weak a choice?

I have never been bothered by colleagues taking sick leave before – as long as they kept their germs to themselves and not share it with me, I’ve been OK.

That was until they became my subordinates and I had to do their work when they were off sick.

Luckily, most of my “people” do not take much sick leave. I hope I lead by example.

I’ve taken 3 sick days over the last 3 years. Whether that’s a plus or a minus, I’m not sure of yet. I’ve been at work through gastro and bronchitis, through bladder infections and flu. I always take care not to spread too many germs, it seems that I got away with it so far. It might not be the best for my health (working whilst sick), but I’m very nitpicking(y) about the quality of my work conscientious about the levels to which my work is performed. That and the fact that nobody does my work when I’m not there, makes me go to work even when I’m sick.

Mostly, when they are left to their own devices, they don’t think. They don’t even attempt to think. They cause chaos – like before the Creation. Yes, they can create chaos of that kind. Working with thousands of people’s grocery/drinking money, you really are not supposed to stuff it up. I have to keep an eye over things. Not being there just causes more work when I eventually would have schlepped my sick body back to work and might cause some isolated cases of knee breaking or strangulation.

Some of the other coworkers, do not hesitate to call themselves weak. Let me give you some examples:

1. X goes to the SPCA, looking for a kitten. They have some, but she keeps on looking – trying to find the RIGHT one. She would have taken one from the SPCA, but she is too weak to go back there and face all the homeless animals. I would not have said I’m too weak, I would have just gotten one. Or two. Or three.

2. X works in an office where the aircon is set too high, the office gets a bit warm. She declares to anyone within earshot “I think I’m getting the flu, I’m sooo hot and weak”. How about turning the aircon off, Pissy?

3. X&Y catch any bugs that comes around. Or not come around. As soon as there’s any rumours in the office of anyone not feeling up to scratch or a bit off, they caught it. They are also the ones who drink 63000 vitamins and minerals and drops and powders and prescriptions and potions. Who puts nuked wheat bags on their backs and shoulders (due to tension spasms) every single moment of every single day. Who comes to work in the morning declaring that they feel so weak today . . . and then stay at home the next day because they just could not make it coming to work. With sniffles.

Maybe I’m too harsh. Maybe I’m too strong. Maybe I’m too full of shit.

But I believe that weak is a choice.

And it’s not mine.



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Bandwagon coming through . . .

Before I give my opinion about the mail below as received in my inbox, I would like to hear what’s yours:


An Arab nation stopped the tour… would a Christian nation be able to do the same?


Indonesian Cancelled the ‘Satanic’ Lady Gaga Concert

We cannot allow Lady Gaga 2 enter this Country,and we CANNOT support her!

Fellow believers in Christ Jesus you may or may not know the seriousness of what I am saying, we need to stand firm against the Lady Gaga concert she is a confessed satanist and a bride of satan letting her in to SA for her concert will bring spells of evil.

Let this concert be cancelled in JESUS NAME .

The name Gaga is a name of a demon incase you did not know STOP LISTENING TO


BE AWARE! Romans 12:2 The Song “Alejandro” by Lady Gaga. Very subtly the devil sneaks into our … lives to steal and destroy souls! We don’t even realize that just by singing the lyrics of a seemingly ‘innocent’ song with a nice tune, we open the door wider for his evil spirit!! ‘ Alejandro’ means: man’s defender and protector’ (GOD).’  Fernando’ means: ardent for peace (JESUS). ‘ Roberto’ means: bright or shiningly framed (HOLY SPIRIT). ‘Babe’ is the same as ‘child’

Now the lyrics again: “Don’t call my name; don’t call my name, Alejandro (GOD).

I’m not your child, I’m not your child, Fernando (JESUS).

Don’t call my name; don’t call my name, Roberto (HOLY SPIRIT) Alejandro;

Alejandro (GOD), Just let me go.”

People, please stop listening to …Lady Gaga! Real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.  She sold her soul to the satan for fame and fortune, suddenly having 8 million followers on Twitter; top selling artist, and the top winner at the Grammys.

This is clearly the devil at work! Remember the images with her inside the egg carried on a cross? Hatching from an egg signifies the cold blooded rebirth.

Implanted horns on her shoulders and cheek bone indicating the transformed BRIDE OF SATAN!

(Save a soul and pass this on)

I’m a CHILD OF GOD if you are then I guess you do the same.

Ephesians 5:25-26

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word,

In the face of widespread insecurity, fear, and hopelessness, our nation desperately needs your prayers.

We have a promise from the Lord:

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14, NIV).

Pray that those who don’t know Jesus Christ will turn and find forgiveness, hope, and peace in Him.

Commit to join us today in concerted prayer, let’s pray for our country and churches.

Please leave a comment and tell me about your reaction to this mail.



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Stuff I’ve learned about food and eating.

Since doing the “kick start your metabolism” and “3 day diet plus” plans, I’ve learned a few things about dieting that changed my perception about food and eating.

If you have any crazy thoughts that you’d like to share, please feel free.

  • Black, bitter coffee for breakfast won’t kill you (even if it’s only black, bitter coffee for breakfast)
  • You won’t rust from the inside even if you drink 3 liters of water
  • Black, bitter coffee is actually not so bad
  • You can survive on a piece of hake and fresh tomatoes for lunch
  • You won’t die without bread, rice or pasta
  • Black, bitter coffee is actually not so bad
  • The cookies will still be there next week, you don’t have to eat it now
  • The stores are stocked with condensed milk and cookies, you don’t have to eat it all NOW as if it’s the last on earth ever
  • One slice of toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter is fine as breakfast
  • You can only prepare veggies in so many ways
  • Black, bitter coffee is actually not so bad
  • If you fall off the wagon, the best thing to do would be to get back on it as soon as possible
  • The torture machine is not going anywhere, you have to get on it at some stage to see your progress (or lack off)
  • Water is actually quite nice (no, you won’t rust)
  • No matter how many cooked eggs you peel, there will always be 90% of them that will not be deshelled smoothly
  • Cravings are a bitch
  • You will pick up weight if you don’t sleep enough
  • You won’t die from starvation if you don’t eat this piece of biltong immediately
  • Black, bitter coffee is actually not so bad

This list could be added to, I’m sure.

Ever since the emotional trauma I experienced in grade 3, I’ve been an emotional eater. I’ve linked emotions to food. Since then, I’ve binged when I was happy, I’ve binged when I was sad, I’ve binged when I was stressed.

I’m glad to say that I think the binging part is mostly over. I do not have that emotional link to food that I had previously. Mainly because I’ve realised that one does not die that easy. Or quick.

Since Feb, I’ve lost 13 kilos. I just have to keep on holding on.

One day at a time. Bitter, black coffee and all.



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