Going back to your roots once in a while . . . (no, I am not a car snob!!)

15 Aug

I really am not!

In this fast paced life of ours, one tends to forget where you started. Where it all started. There is no better way of getting pulled back to your roots than driving an old car (again).

Once you trade up to a bigger, better, fancier car (BBFC), driving an older model/car can be quite a challenge. And funny as hell!!

Every time I get into our 13 year old sedan, I giggle. But I still love him, make no mistake! (Yes, it’s a him – all our cars are male – because males are full of shit temperamental – like cars. You have to stroke his ego to get him going and dole out lots of TLC to keep him there). 😀

Just kidding! (Some)

The AO (Ancient One) sits a lot lower on the road – you get the feeling of butt-on-tar in comparison to the BBFC. So you basically stare at the exhaust outlet of the car in front (feeling like a gynaecologist).

It rattles. If it does not rattle, it’s not there anymore – fell off a few km’s ago.

The gearbox of the AO leans forward at an angle. I swear! Neutral (out of gear) is not in the middle, but somewhere towards the front. Weird . . .

It took me 10 km’s to figure out the dial for the heater. It does not lock the doors automatically when you get to 20 km/hr and the lights do not go on by itself (it still amazes me then it happens with the BBFC). So, while we’re newly BBFC owners, I love the AO – even if it’s an adventure to drive.

It still goes like a bat out of hell!! It’s got more power on pull away than the BBCF and is not as thirsty on fuel.

Even on 225 000 km’s it’s still an awesome drive! And every drive an epic journey.

Here’s to the journeys ahead. And to the ones past.

Here’s to you Ancient One! Tjorts!!


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Posted by on August 15, 2012 in Ramblings


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