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Yup, life she is busy. Too much so.

  • The diet’s been going so-so . . . more so than so, if you catch my drift . . . I’ve started walking in the afternoons. I try my best to do at least 4 km @ a 4.7 km/hr average. So far, I’ve managed 2 days a week. Times are few. I’m aiming @ 20 km/week which means 5 days @ 4 km/day. Not happening . . . currently. But hope prevails, they say.
  • Work is crazily busy like always. Preparing for SARS’s interim PAYE submission, one of my indians currently on leave, new system testing, manuals to write, policies to write, newsletters to write, POE to finish. Times are few. The work never stops.
  • If I ever need to have something taxidermied (?) – which will be never – it will be with closed eyes. Nothing more creepy than a head staring at you with big green/yellow eyes that never blink.
  • Ever bought any toys *wink-wink nudge-nudge* over the internet? I think that ordering online is so much better than walking into a shop and have the guy/girl behind the counter look at you and think ”    “. Doing it over the internet at least gives you the facelessness and no one going “hmmmmm . . .”. One of these days . . .
  • I can’t wait to go on holiday in November. Two and a half weeks of exploring and no work. I know one shouldn’t wish time away (it passes too quickly anyway), but I’m REALLY looking forward to this one.
  • As am I excited about our Namibian holiday next year October. The carrot in front of my nose to keep on keeping on.
  • February’s wedding anniversary in 2013 is my turn to arrange. We normally make a long weekend out of it and go somewhere. Any ideas?

Well, nice chatting to you, sorry it’s been so long. I feel for a beer. Don’t think the bosses will be so impressed with me drinking at work @ 6:54 am . . . and I don’t even like beer that much.

See ya later!



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