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A true reading?

A friend strongly believes in appointing people according to their star signs – placing the right person in the right job which suits their personalities best. And obviously, being the right match to the job is more important if they’re working for YOU.

We’re looking to place an assistant accountant and last night I requested the appropriate star signs from her. I am not at all involved in the placement process, thus will be able to objectively see which candidate will get the job and what their star sign is.

She suggested Virgo (20 Aug – 20 Sep) and Capricorn (20 Dec – 20 Jan).

To verify the “accuracy” of the website I went to to read up on these signs, I checked the attributes for Scorpio (which is my husband’s sign). Well, lo and behold:

Scorpio – The Scorpion
October 23 – November 21

Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Stone: Topaz
Metal: Iron

Scorpios are characterized by wisdom, resilience, and intensity. They often appear to have a natural understanding of the world and other people, which they can use to raise themselves to positions of power and authority. However Scorpios sometimes fail to understand their own motives and needs, which can lead to them feeling lost and out of place.

It can be very hard to truly get to know a Scorpio. They present a personality to the world but are often very deep and private thinkers, and tend to keep their thoughts, ambitions and passions very much to themselves.

 Scorpios can be manipulative, using their innate knowledge of how other minds work in order to gain advantage over them. A Scorpio will make a faithful and loving partner, but only to someone who is not afraid to stand up to them – Scorpios will not tolerate weakness in a partner.

Yup. True. This means that I have to stand up to him more. And take less of his shit crap.

So, here goes:

Virgo – The Virgin
August 23 – September 22

 Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury
Stone: Sapphire
Metal: Nickel

Virgos can at times be shy and sensitive characters, but they are also very caring and trustworthy people. If you have a problem, then a Virgo will generally be willing to listen and offer help.

Their generous and trusting nature can sometimes allow Virgos to be victimised and pushed around, but they take such experiences in their stride and use them to help understand others who find themselves in similar situations.

Many Virgos seek opportunities to overcome their natural shyness – often excelling at creative activities such as music or cookery. Virgos are also drawn to the performing arts where they can adopt a more flamboyant personality without necessarily exposing their true selves.

In relationships Virgos are loyal and understanding, in part because they have spent so much time examining their own feelings and emotions. Virgos can derive great pleasure and satisfaction from making life enjoyable for their loved ones.

Capricorn – The Goat
December 22 – January 19

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Stone: Garnet
Metal: Silver

Capricorns are motivated, driven high-achievers. They will work steadily until they reach the highest level in an organisation. Occasionally this drive may distract them from looking after their personal and emotional lives, and a Capricorn should always try to make time to keep things in balance.

Emotionally, Capricorns may be slow to form bonds or partnerships, but once they do they will invest everything into making sure it works – consequently if things do go wrong they can take it very badly. Often a relationship is held on a par with a career, and will be pursued with similar dedication and drive.

An ingenious streak often manifests itself in this star sign, giving Capricorns the ability to find new and unusual solutions to problems. Combined with their tenacity, this helps them greatly in their journey to the top.

Their view of the world frequently gives Capricorns a dry and somewhat odd-ball sense of humour, and they are skilled at using their wit and charm to bring people around to their point of view. Capricorns try to avoid strife and conflict, and use their negotiating skills to bring peace in times of dispute.

We’ll see what we will see, won’t we?

And for interest’s sake, here’s mine:

Libra – The Scales
September 23 – October 22

Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Stone: Opal
Metal: Copper

 Librans have a strong desire to find true love, a relationship where they can give 100% of themselves and receive the same in return. Unfortunately they may become disillusioned when things don’t work out as hoped, and brooding on things can have a significant effect on a Libran’s outlook on life in general.

Often a Libran will live life at two levels. Externally they can appear responsible and sensible whilst inside they are dreaming of a fantasy world in which everything is perfect. Perhaps surprisingly, this inner vision can make Librans very motivated and successful in the business world. Librans have a desire to be equitable and fair, which can sometimes lead them into making decisions which are not in their best interests.

Librans tend to enjoy good food, and like to project an image of sophistication and refinement.

Hmmmmm . . .



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Slowly but surely . . .

At the beginning of 2012 I was 71 kg overweight. In 2012, I lost 20 kg.

As of today, I still have 49 kg’s to go to the weight that I’m aiming for. To the weight that will be healthy for me. To the weight where I will feel ok. To the weight that will be normal. (Which I haven’t been since grade 3).

Here’s to the rest of the 49 kg’s! Please drop more surely than slowly, though!



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I do so understand how you feel . . .

This was posted on PostSecret:


For years we’ve been trying to fall pregnant. I’ve had this thought soooooo often, it became my standard reply (only in my head) when I heard someone else is expecting.

Now? I’m over it. We’re not going to have kids.

Now, it’s a decision. Then, it was utter pain and devastation.



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And it would be enough . . .

love forever

In my perfect world, I would love and be loved. I would understand and be understood. I would care and be cared for. I would adore and be adored. And it would be enough.

In my perfect world I would love and be loved. And it would be enough.



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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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