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i am what i am . . . am i?

I’ve googled for free aptitude tests and came across this site.

Here are my results on the 84 questions asked:

Your Top 3 Strengths Are:

  1. Balance (100%):
    Harmony of parts within the whole. Keep the flow of life in check through knowing your areas of improvement, seeking feedback, and keeping up with your goals.
  2. Faith (88%):
    A strong belief in a supernatural power. Building up a solid foundation in your life through conversation with, trust in, and sharing about your Creator.
  3. Curiosity (88%):
    A state in which you want to learn. Viewing the world through a new light by looking, asking, and finding different ways to live your life.

Your Remaining Results Are (In Order by %):
Integrity (75%), Problem Solving (75%), Purposeful (75%), Innovation (75%), Leadership (75%), Communication (75%), Self Motivation (63%), Strategic Thinking (63%), Teamwork (63%), Visionary (63%), Focus (63%), Resourcefulness (63%), Adaptability (63%), Determination (63%), Optimism (50%), Ambition (50%), Risk Taking (38%)

Your Bottom 1 Weakness Is:

Salesmanship (13%):
Persuading others to accept your offering. Genuinely deliver what’s in it for others by embracing the value in others in a way they care about and works best for them.

I am in no way closer to knowing what I want to do with my life. I am almost 40 years old and I still don’t know.




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One day . . . a porch . . .

One day, when I’m all grown up and have time to do the things that I want to do, I want a porch like this.

A place to read, to talk, to share, to visit, to be quiet . . .

Not a patio, or a deck or a braai-area . . . a porch.

Or one like this with the same view . . .



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Riddikulus . . .

The Wiki version of the Riddikulus spell as used in Harry Potter: “A spell used when fighting a Boggart, “Riddikulus” forces the Boggart to take the appearance of an object upon which the caster is concentrating. When used correctly, this will be a humorous form.”

That’s what I thought (Riddikulus!) when I looked at a book that I would like to read and compared the prices on Kalahari. The hardcover book costs R232.00/R292.00, the e-book version: R241.95.


I wanted to point my wand at the screen and yell: RIDDIKULUS!!!!

Should electronic format not be way cheaper? Are we not trying to save the environment, some trees and reduce out carbon footprint? Do we not want to encourage people to buy electronic?




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It’s a known fact that Mother Earth won’t last long at the rate we’re going. It’s also known that the demand for meat and meat products do not decrease, no matter how many people move away from the dark side to the lighter (vegetarian) side of the equation.

It has thus been suggested that we should eat more BUGS. Insects.

*taking a moment*

*taking another moment*

Ok, I will NOT substitute my meat requirement with insects. Unless I really, really, really have to. Really. Have. To.

When there is no more scraps of meat left, neither any stuff that looks like meat . . . and no, tofu does not count (it’s disgusting!!!) . . . *blegh* . . . I will (have to) try insects for my daily po(r)tion of protein.

As long as it does not look like an insect, does not smell like an insect and does not taste like an insect, I guess I will survive.

If I really, really, really, really have to. Really. Have. To.

The first hit that came up when I googled “edible insects”, was this blog: Edibug.

It’s got a list of edible insects as well as pictures.

*taking a moment* *breathing deeply*

*returning dinner to Mother Earth*

Uhm. No. Not unless I really, really, really have to. Really. Have. To.

By then I guess I won’t have a choice and will partake.

If I really have to.



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My Love, YOU would have been an AWESOME daddy!!

I’m sorry.


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Lost in translation . . .

Man, o man! The pictures this creates in my mind are just crazy!

If Tafelberg becomes Table Mountain, then the following should also be true:

Bloubergstrand = Blue Mountain Beach

Witbank = White Couch

Swartruggens = Black Backs

Welkom = Welcome

Vryheid = Freedom

Groot Brak Rivier = Big Dog River

De Rust – The Rest

Bloemfontein = Flower Fountain

Can you think of any more?


PS: The names to the left of the equation is town names in South Africa, thus the names are in Afrikaans which is one of our 11 official languages.


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Beautiful photography: Skyhawk!

I have stumbled onto this site on a link from Facebook. They also have a blog which you can view here.


Their photo’s are absolutely amazing!!! Go and check it out.


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