No, I don’t like tables turned.

12 Jul

Are you as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being written about, as well as writing?

No. I do not like being in photographs, I am not as photogenic as my husband is. I don’t like being focused on, thus don’t like being the center of attention in any situation.


I would much rather take the photo, than be in it. I’m also not the kind of photo-taker that would push people out of the way to get in front, to get the best shot. I would much rather take my shot from the sidelines, focusing on the outsiders, the separate, the alone. the to-one-side.

I love it when my husband writes about us – however, in most of his stories, I’m portrayed as the Dragon Lady who’s very stern and strict, who does not allow him fun drinking time with his pals and waits behind the door when he stumbles home, drunk like usual, in the early morning hours (ready to enforce my abhorrence of his drinking with a cake roller). 😉

I love it when he writes about how much I mean to him and how much he loves me, because it still amazes me that he chose ME to spend his life with. That’s he’s sticking with he through thick and thin (thicker than thinner, mind you). That he gets my jokes and can’t wait for me to get home after work. That he eats what I cook and takes me out even though he’s not in the mood. That he fixes my buggerups mistakes and still loves me.

Obviously I would not want him to write about my less favourable character traits. We all have them, but prefer to have them hidden in private where it’s safe and locked away.


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