the most ketogenic diet foods

16 Apr
the most ketogenic diet foods

Now this is very interesting – a good read and very informative!

Optimising Nutrition

  • Ketosis occurs when insulin levels are low.
  • The insulin load of a food is related to its carbohydrate, protein and fibre content.
  • Calculation of the percentage of insulinogenic calories enables us to prioritise foods that will lead to lower insulin levels and improved blood glucose control.

food insulin index

The initial research into the food insulin index is detailed in a 2009 paper by Susanne Holt et al who tested the insulin demand of thirty eight different foods. [1]

The food insulin index of various foods was determined by feeding 1000kJ (or 239 kcal) of a particular food to non-diabetics and measuring the insulin secretion over three hours.   The insulin secreted for that food over three hours was compared to that of white bread (which was assigned a value of 100%) to arrive at a “food insulin index” value for each food.

Considering how potentially significant this data could be for people trying…

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