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Apparently, I should not admit this in public . . .

. . . for I get frowned upon and even stared at. Even by my husband. 😯

There’s very few people who know this about me, although I’m not scared to admit it in public. I always get a giggle when I think about them and I love listening to their CD’s on EXTREMELY LOUD in CBD traffic.

Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Engima

I just luuuuuuuuurv the South African group “Die Grafsteensangers”. Directly translated to “The Tombstone Singers”.

grafsteensangersBorrowed from their website:

As per their website, it’s a serenade group started in 1999 and they love doing the old Afrikaans tearjerkers. There’s the Widow and the Widow’s Sister, the Sister-in-Law, the twins-between-marriages, the Gransfather, the gravedigger, the Tester and Borer of Boreholes, the Funeral Director, etc.

Let me call you sweetheart” is one of their longs that I adore, especially the Afrikaans translation thereof.

♪Let me call you sweetheart . . . Laat my noem jou Soetlief . . .♪

They are so funny, even when they sing the old songs (all tearjerkers). They are also VERY busy on stage, at some stages you have no idea who to look at not to miss what the others are doing.

I have all their cd’s and even their DVD.




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Friday song.

I just love The Highwaymen.

I don’t care if they’re old, hairy men. I love their voices, their companionship and most of all: theirs songs speak to me.


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