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Could it be true? (A conspiracy theory in the making . . .)

We all know that business is about making money. ALWAYS. Someone somewhere is making money. Small amounts, big amounts, some amounts. They’re in it for the money, no matter what they say.

My theory thus:

Since “banting”/LCHF is helping a lot of people lose weight and return to a healthy state of life (and thus dropping a lot of prescribed medicine), would “industry” be the ones trying to divert people back to their old lifestyles and prescription medicine?

“Industry” being pharmaceutical companies/manufacturers, slimming product companies, dieticians, cardiovascular surgeons and gastroenterologists, pharmacies and slimming clinics, grain farmers and grain product manufacturers, sugar farmers and sugar product manufacturers, etc.

Are they all trying to be Orwell’s Big Brother and keep everyone under control? Hooked to carbs and sugars?

“The Party “seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power.”

Quote from 1984 Orwell


Is this what Tim Noakes is fighting? Industry scared of losing millions and millions of bucks in consultation fees and products getting old on the shelves? Because people are moving back to natural and healthy and less chemical?

Could all this be true? Could this be a conspiracy? Slamming Tim Noakes to scare people off? The world is much, much bigger than we think and there’s lots going on that we, the small people, do not know about.

Luckily, we think for ourselves. Thank goodness for guys like Gary Watson and all the people administrating the “banting” and LCHF Facebook-groups who strive to educate.


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To “bant” or not to “bant” …

… is that the question?

If we go with well known answers, it would be: 42. But that doesn’t really answer the question, does it?

Borrowed from

Borrowed from

What I believe:

1. FULL cream for living life to the fullest. I like this idea.

2. Go back to nature. Live life as clean and simple and natural as you can. Stay away from processed foods where you don’t know or trust what’s been added to the product.

3. Grain is bad for you. Due to genetic manipulation for bigger crop yields to feed the masses, grain (wheat/maize/oats/rice/etc) is not what it used to be before WWII and it’s not good for you. (The same might apply very soon to nuts with the current shift in replacing traditional flours in baking with nut flour.)

4. “Organic” is very, very expensive. “Organic” on the packaging might very well be a lie. Do the best you can with what is available within your budget.

5. Do what works for you. Eating two meals a day with full fat or eating 6 small meals with no fat, whatever.

6. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I know that eating 6 small meals a day (100 grams of Foreman’ed chicken strips/steak/biltong/tuna with a scoop of broccoli every 2.5 hours) worked like a charm for me, but fuck after 2 months of that I can’t even look at broccoli anymore). And the moment you stop, you return to old habits and pick it up all over again. And more.

7. LCHF/banting is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of living. And if you drop weight with the new way of doing things, all the better.

8. Dieting is a temporary measure; if you make a lifestyle adjustment and don’t deprave yourself of “all things bad”, if should not be difficult to keep up.

9. Seeing the results of stable sugar, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced inflammation and arthritis from banters on Facebook is motivating. Again, it doesn’t work for everyone, but a lot of them have dropped all kinds of medication (under dr’s supervision) due to living healthier.

10. Google is your friend. Read, read, read. Do your own research. Make your mind up for yourself. Find alternatives if something doesn’t work.

11. As LCHF or banting takes the world by storm, it should be easier to get appropriate meals in restaurants. Following this:

12. It should not ruin your life or stop you from enjoying time with friends, eating out, etc. It should not (according to me) be the end-all of everything. You need to relax and take things in your stride. It’s not worth stressing about.

13. Enjoy whatever you do. Find joy in making things yourself that you’ve always bought.

I recon this will be a learning curve for me as well. And somehow we will all come to our own answer.

(And maybe even find out what the ultimate question is …)


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