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Who listens to the listener?

I believe that everyone has a role in life.

We’re not all the same, we don’t react the same, we don’t take the same from the same situations. We don’t see the same things, we don’t hear the same from what’s being said.

All the people I know are talkers. Talkers are not listeners. They talk. Mostly about themselves or situations involving themselves. They love to have someone to listen. Don’t get me wrong, they do sometimes listen if the commentary is about them. But they talk, they don’t listen.

My role here is listening. And I listen. To all kinds and all situations. I play my part. I listen.

The only problem is: the listener does not have someone to listen to them on the odd chance that they need to talk to someone.

The listener, being so used to the role, can’t stand up and say “listen do me, dammit, I also need to talk”. Because the talkers don’t listen.

It’s lonely.



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