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Food’s not just for feeding your body . . .

Often we’re so consumed by feeding our bodies, that we forget that we need to feed our minds and souls as well.

Food is important to fuel the machine, yes, but the reason for running the machine is as important. One needs stimilation for the brain – keeping on learning, growing and improving. Stimulating and expanding, finding more reasons for the how and why.

To me, feeding my soul is almost more important than feeding my brain or the (sluggish) machine that is my body.

Fuel for energy is easy to come by. With the new health treatment and eating plan, things should go better from here. I have to eventually increase my exercise regime (which at this stage is as close to non-existence as an elephant’s trunk to being it’s nose), but I’m hoping it will become less of a schlep as the weight decrease.

As far as stimulating the brain goes, I’m almost halfway convinced to enroll for my honours degree next year. We’re also be going over to 2 new business software systems soon, so there’s lots of testing and development ahead. Also a lot of training and some career growth coming up.

And somehow this impersonal post about food and feeding turned into a personal one. It was not meant to be personal, but rather generic. Anyway . . .

Food for the soul is, for me, the crowning of it all. Without the body and the mind fed, the soul (heart) can’t survive. Without the soul/heart fed, there’s no use for the rest. Your body and your mind you can feed yourself, your heart/soulfood comes from others (mostly). It also includes doing things that makes you happy.

Human beings are in the end ALL the same – ego driven, all of us. Male and female alike. We all need love, compassion, caring, acceptance, praise, belonging.

(Here the tablet lost the last part of my story, so I’ll try and recapture.)

I might be experiencing a slight midlife-crisis . . . I’ve heard that it happens around 40ish. I have questions without answers, doubts, insecurities, needs, wishes, quests.

Why am I here? Do I belong? Am I needed? Am I appreciated? Do I count? Do I belong? What should I be doing? What makes me happy?

Is my heart/soul a bottomless pit? Do I receive enough or too little food for my soul? Do I need more? Maybe?

Do you feed others as you want to be fed?

To be continued . . .

NutterBut (more nutter than butter) 😉


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